10 Best Umbrellas Reviews 2018

Could you imagine the feeling when it starts to rain immediately, and you are outside having no umbrella with you? Sure, you must feel unsafe. Umbrella is obviously needed not only in rainy season but also in all seasons. In fact, the umbrella is used to cover someone from being soaked by rain or snow, and to protect his or her skin from the sunlight.

Umbrellas are one of those things we think have become all they could possibly become. But the tech community is adamant that they can be a little more livened up and relevant. The high-end umbrellas are really so much better at doing what conventional umbrellas do and more.

No, we are not talking about some James Bond style gadget that shoots poison darts or missiles out of its shaft. We are talking advancements that are altogether more civilized, more functional, and safer. What you typically need an umbrella for is shielding you from weather you would rather do without. It could be rain spoiling your new suit before a function. It could be the wind messing up that expensive look you got at the salon, or it could be the sun catching you on a day you forgot to apply sunscreen. Whatever it is, a good quality umbrella can really alleviate your weather woes.

To prove our point, we have assembled a list of some of the best umbrellas that are commercially available right now. They combine features like durability, practicality, and resistance to the elements to create the ideal travel companion for you wherever you go.

1. Repel Easy Touch Umbrella 11.5-Inch DuPont Teflon

Number one for this year goes to Repel Easy Touch Umbrella 11.5-Inch DuPont Teflon. Just look at its name, you can quickly know that it has a high ability to keep you dry and to bear the strong wind. With DuPont Teflon innovation, this umbrella is capable of repulsing water easily. The ribs were also made to flex marginally to withstand effective blasts without turning back to front.

There is not much Mother Nature can do to upset this device. You can rely on it through rain, snow or even sleet and it just will not die. So naturally, we were curious to see what it was made of. The shaft and frame are made of metal, but there are modern touches like the ribs, for instance. There are nine of them and they are made from fiberglass reinforced by resin. Under intense gusts of wind, the ribs will flex slightly without allowing the canopy to be inverted.

The canopy has a Teflon coating so any moisture does not last for very long. The open/close function is automatic so it can be controlled using just one hand. The whole umbrella weighs 15 ounces so it fits almost unnoticeably in your hand or luggage. The handle is slip proof and made of rubber and comes equipped with a strap that goes around your wrist for convenience. What’s more, you get a sweet lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • 9-rips construction
  • Three metal shafts and rubber handle
  • Designed Dupont Teflon innovation
  • Short (11.5″) and lightweight (under 1lb)
  • The inside metal bar is rusted, and half of the bars are loose after a period of time.

2. Totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella

Give your style a chance to radiate through even on blustery days with this totes-signature umbrella. It was specially designed for women who intend to shields their hair and cosmetic from water drops because it has a great large size that can shelter the whole body. With clear dome-formed, this umbrella enables you to easily see through the hectic roads or find individuals passing. If you find something broken inside, please feel free to return it.

  • 52-inch clear-view overhanging
  • Deep vault shape
  • Clear acrylic and sturdy handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not fit to somebody size

3. Tiagogear Compact Auto Open & Close One Handed Operation 60 MPH

No more than a pound and 11” long, this umbrella becomes popular for both male and female users; they can get it along easily by storing it in their purse and bag pack. Stop worry if one of your hands is busy, for you still can operate it open or close. If you feel unpleasant with the product, please come and return in with the full fund.

  • single-hand performance
  • sufficiently substantial to shield the strong wind
  • Durable and reliable canopy
  • Lightweight
  • 100% free of charge with full fund
  • If you use it forcedly, it may break down easily.

4. OCEANA&SP Travel Compact Golf Windproof Resistant Umbrella

Made from Polyester Taffeta fabric, it becomes effectively waterproof. You will find the controlled button interesting and efficient, for it allows you to open automatically when you press it once, and with another second press, it will be folded. If you have a partner, it will be nice to choose this one because of its 46-inch canopy. It is easy to keep though in narrow space since it is only 12.9 inches when comes to fold.

  • Its Polyester Taffeta fabric is built to last
  • No shrinkage or inconsistencies inside the texture or the structure when close
  • Flexible button
  • Movable size
  • May flip back when it faces the strong wind.

5. ZOMAKE Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Enjoy the benefits of full resistance to the rain, sun and the wind with this double inverted umbrella. Straight away, one of the most striking features about it is its C-shape handle. The design is more than a fashion statement. It enables you to wear it on your arm like a bracelet so your hands are free to do other things. Being a double inverted umbrella contributes a lot to its practicality and convenience. Even after being used in the rain, it does not drip any water on the floor or carpets.

Waterproofing on this umbrella comes courtesy of pongee fabric. Enhanced wind resistance is achieved with double layer and black electric ribs which contribute immensely to overall durability and steadiness. Its opening and closing mechanism is a conventional non-automatic system which has a charm of its own we think. It is still fancy and practical enough to make a great gift for someone close to you. It is an impeccable blend of convenience, usability and durability that makes this one so appealing.

  • Waterproof and sun proof
  • Double layers
  • Made of fabric, rubberized plastic, and carbon fiber skeleton
  • Portable and flexible
  • The fabric and the ends of the rods came off do not last long

6. Becko Manual Open & Close Umbrella Long Umbrella

Here is the 6th top product in the review list. With the most ribs it is equipped, it can stay open for long and still keeps its O-shape without flipping back. Sometimes you do not need to close it; you just hang it on the wall because it has a sturdy hook and handles. It is so large that it can cover you as well as your companions.

  • 24-ribs construction and strong aluminum central rob
  • 32 inches (80cm) in length when closed and 39 inches (99cm) in diameter when open
  • Strong circle handle which gives you a decent and agreeable hold
  • Huge enough to shelter many people
  • Glue easily came out of the umbrella

7. Umbrella, Oak Leaf Windproof Automatic Compact

Because of its bright and cheery color, it has attracted many customers worldwide and becomes the 7th best umbrella. It has the impermeable texture which can shake off the raindrops quickly. The size of it is so flexible that it turns to 11.5 inches long when collapsed and 37 inches in diameter when open. It is designed for one-hand operation, and its button is reliable that it is close and open fast and automatically.

  • flexible texture and size
  • Single-hand operation and dependable button
  • 30-day guaranty
  • The mechanism is difficult to close

8. Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella

Rain-Mate Travel Umbrella stands for the 8th top out of 10. What makes it get this position are its portability, flexibility, and durability. It is easy to get along since it has a bendable size. It lasts long because of its 9 fiberglass ribs, metal frame, and shaft. More than this is that you can return it back and get a new one without any charge.

  • 9 durable fiberglass ribs
  • Small (less than 1lb)
  • Convenient size
  • Free-charge return
  • The stick is little bit short

9. Double Layer Inverted Umbrella Cars Reverse Umbrella

This umbrella is the suitable choice for the drivers because its double layer enables you to avoid from the water drops attached on the umbrella. It functions greatly by facing the wet area inward when closed, uncovering only the dry side outward.

  • Effectively bears strong wind and sunlight
  • Efficient and bendable face
  • Twofold layer ribs
  • It may be hard to slide the defensive sleeve back on in the light

10. iRain Automatic Folding Umbrella

The last rank of top 10 umbrellas this year goes to iRain Automatic Folding Umbrella. This kind of umbrella is made of the metal shaft and sturdy ribs that can endure the wind effectively. It is short and not heavy that you can keep it wherever you want even the narrow space like your purse and briefcase. There are almost all colors of which it is designed, so feel free to choose your most favorite one. 

  • Windproof and waterproof ( 8 ribs and polyester fabric)
  • Short and lightweight (13” long and less than 1 lb)
  • Fashionable and flexible handle
  • One month warranty
  • It may be hard to open because of the fabric.


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