Best Blender 2019 – Blender Reviews and Buying Guide

Hi There. Welcome to read the Best Blender Reviews, where it’s all about finding the best blender. So that you can make perfect smoothies, make delicious milkshakes, crush ice, blend soups and whole lot more!

So, lets start from scratch ! Read on to see what to look for in a good blender.

How do you choose the best blender out there ?

In order to buy an outstanding blender, we need to look for some important features of a blender.

First of all, decide the type of blender that you are planning to buy.

Stand Blenders or Handheld Blenders?

Stand blenders (also called counter-top blenders) are the common type of blenders that come with a blending jar or a jug.

These blenders are usually more functional as they are better are making smoothies, crushing ice (with a special ice crushing blade) and more. However they are usually not portable and are large in size. Also they are generally expensive than hand blenders.

Handheld blenders (also called stick or immersion blenders) on the other hand are blenders with a rotating blade at the stick end they are usually used for light blending and for small batches of blending.

Recently some cordless models of Hand blenders are getting popular which adds convenience and easiness for users. These blenders though have limited functionality and are not ideal for large batches of food processing.

Is the blender reliable and tough enough to resist leakage and breakage? – If you are going to crush hard substances you need to look for a blender that is tough enough to resist breakage and leakage.

The blender you are looking for must be at least 500 watts and you must also look for a special ice crushing blade with it. Vitamix 5200 and Euro Pro Ninja NJ600 are great examples of the type of blender you need to purchase in order to crush ice into powdery snow.

Is the blender complex and complicated to use? – Most people will prefer an easy-to-use blender. There should be a few reasonable amount of speed controls. More speed controls are not necessarily better and up to 3 different speeds are more than enough.

However, there are blenders with 16 differentiated speeds (which is normally used only for commercial blending such as in bars). In addition to this, there should be clear and easy to read markings on your blender so that you can easily blend as you like.

Does the blender make unbearable noise? – No one would like a loud noisy blender and therefore you should be careful that you purchase a blender which does not make too much noise.

An excellent example of a very quiet blender is Vitamix 1365 CIA professional series though it is a bit expensive. (Personally used this blender and it is really quite compared to other blenders)

Is it really difficult to clean and wash? – The blender should be very easy to clean because honestly no one likes wasting a lot of time washing a blender after use. Find the easy way to clean your blender here.

Some additional things you must keep in mind :

  • Capacity of the blending jar
  • Ease of usage and cleaning ( click here for blender cleaning tips )
  • Sharp blades to cut hard substances such as ice
  • Does not overheat
  • Does not produce any kind of odor/smell

Top Blenders 2018 & 2019

There are a few which we consider to be our favorites and just awesome! After conducting several surveys and market research we have picked 5 Blenders for you.

1. Vitamix 5200s – Best High Quality Blender

Vitamix 5200s

Based on overall ratings, quality of the product, design and price we have awarded vitamix 5200s as the highest quality blender out there.

It has an average rating of 9.4 on a scale of 10 and is able to easily mix, chop, grind, blend food in no time. The vitamix product also has an easy to use variable speed control and also comes with a large container of 64 ounce. It is the company’s standard product which is suitable for every home.

Almost all of the customer reviews suggest that this product of vitamix is worth the cost due to its high quality and power.

The Vitamix Company started in 1921 and from the very beginning Vitamix blenders stood as the quality product in the market and still continue to be the top blender available in the market.

We highly recommend this blender to users who a looking for quality product which is both reliable and powerful

2. Ninja kitchen system 1100 – Top Valued blender

Ninja kitchen system 1100

The Ninja kitchen system 1100 is tagged as the most Valued Blender. It has attractive price tag of around $135 (see the current price below) on Amazon.

This stood as a quality product which is used world-wide by millions of Ninja fans. This product comes with an extra-large 72 ounce pitcher and 40 ounce dough bowl with 4 blade attachment.

The blender parts are also dishwasher safe and the blender have a powerful motor of 1100 watt. Plus it also has a sturdy base.

Ninja kitchen system 1100 is for anyone who is looking for a quality blender with a relatively low price tag.

3. Ninja QB1004 Master Prep Pro Food and Drink Mixer – Best Budget blender

Ninja QB1004 Master Prep Pro Food and Drink Mixer

It should come as no surprise that this Ninja blender made our list of top Countertop Blenders.

With a price tag of just $63 (see the exact price below), this product is rated as the budget blender by our site. It has a 450 watt motor and is highly functional. It has an average rating of 8.4 on a scale of 10.

It is an easy to use and easy to clean up blender. It is Ideal for making smoothies and crushing hard ice. This budget blender comes with 3 processing containers, including a new 40 ounce processing bowl.

It is not the highest quality Blender out there but with this price tag it is certainly the best among thousands of other low-priced blender available out there!

4. Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

This Product is rated as the Best Quality Immersion Blender by Us. With an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 on Amazon this is an excellent product with a price tag of just $99. Its outstanding design and shape with amazing grip results in efficient blending with ease.

It has a powerful 280 watt motor and comes with a separate chopping bowl for easier processing and convenient storage. It has an 8” immersion depth for large quantities of substances and tall pots.

It has adjustable speed control and a non-scratch base to prevent scratching pots.

After analyzing thousands of surveys we can safely assume that this product is the best of its kind and is for anyone who is looking for an excellent quality immersion blender!

5. Cuisinart CSB-79

Cuisinart CSB-79

Cuisinart CSB-79 is another excellent blender to look for in immersion blender category .

It has an average rating of 8.8 of 10 and has a price tag of around $59.Also, It has a 200 watt motor and also has push button control for continuous or pulse action which results in comfortable grip of the blender.

This product comes with 16 ounce mixing beaker, whisk and chopper grinder attachment.

The Blender is very easy to clean and use. It is among the best Cuisinart product which is highly recommended to people looking for an excellent stick blender with a nice design and look.

What is the best blender?

The Answer to this question is really simple – You should keep your budget and usage in mind and decide which one is best for you. What makes a blender superb vary from people to people and again it is not necessary to buy a very expensive blender as not all expensive blenders are good. Ideally you should keep all these factors in mind before purchasing your perfect blender.

We did our best to provide you with the highest quality blenders available and product reviews and we will keep updating this site as new blenders come to the market !

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