BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop (1940) Reviews

When it comes to performing house cleaning up to a certain standard, using elbow grease may not be quite enough to produce the most desirable results. With this in mind, it would be wise to consider getting help in the form of an effective and reliable steam mop unit. For those who are sticklers for cleanliness sans all the hassle, only the best rated steam mop would do, and the Bissell Powerfresh 1940 is one of the units to consider.

Below is an honest and comprehensive steam mop review that contains critical information regarding this product, which would educate prospective buyers and allow them to form a wise decision regarding whether or not this steam mop is worth purchasing.

SmartSet Steam Control Technology

Tackling different kinds of dirt and stains can be challenging, but not if you have a reliable helper like the Bissell Powerfresh steam mop. It is equipped with SmartSet Steam Control, which allows the user to limit the amount of steam that gets dispensed based on the immediate need. Cleaning up all types of mess would not be a problem with this mop as it is designed to adapt to a wide range of requirements as they may arise and the controls are right on your fingertips.

Ergonomic Design and Lightweight Body

One of the most annoying things people have to contend with when using steam mops, or any cleaning device for that matter, is having to lug them around the house. This will not be a problem with the Bissell Powerfresh 1940, since it barely weighs 8 pounds. Some vacuum cleaners are heavier than this steam mop, which should give you an idea as to how nimble it is.

Having a cleaning tool this light around the house is a godsend to people who have problems carrying or pushing heavy machinery, i.e. as in the case of those with back problems, arthritis, etc. By choosing this unit, you are not only saving time and money, but you are also effectively saving your health.

Low Profile Mop Head

BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop

Maneuverability is one of the most important things to look for when scouting for the best rated steam mop. This happens to be one of the many features of the Bisssell Powerfresh 1940, which allows users to effectively clean corners, edges, and other hard to reach places that would otherwise remain filthy.

Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs

This added feature is one that many homemakers have been clamoring for, especially those who prefer their homes clean as well as fragrant. The removable discs contain Spring Breeze scent, which is released throughout the house as you clean. Should you not prefer to use the Spring Breeze fragrance function, you can simply detach the disc and use only the steam.

Highly Competitive Price

Considering its nifty features and benefits, it is a tad surprising that this steam mop is sold for under a $100. It is even sold at a discounted price at certain online stores such asĀ

Almost every steam mop review from customers who bought the Bissell Powerfresh has been positive, except for some minor criticisms. Most users have lauded this steam mop for its lightweight body, which made it easier for them to clean up in half the time and almost a fraction of the effort. While the mop itself is lightweight, its performance is anything but mediocre based on the experience of hundreds of users.

The steam control options (low, medium, high) also made a great impression since this feature made cleaning more efficient and economical. Users can choose exactly how much steam they wish to use for different surfaces and stain types, which is something that is lacking with most other steam mops in the market.

The price is also a very high selling point for most customers who viewed this product. It is in fact priced quite competitively, which is more than what most people can say about other steam mops for sale today.

Verdict and Recommendation

Based on this steam mop review, as well as the hundreds of positive comments by satisfied consumers, it makes perfect sense to recommend the Bissell Powerfresh 1940 to anyone who wants to change the way they clean.

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