The Best Pool Floats of 2018 Reviews

You have definitely seen them on a screen near you. The craze around pool floats seemingly blew up this year and suddenly they were on every popular social media handle, music video, movie etc. What’s more, they were no longer appropriate play things for children, but adults and the young at heart too. Following the recent craze, a bevy of options have emerged from which a shopper seeking a best pool float can choose from.

The best pool float is a must have too. You will find no better way to relax and lounge on a pool as you soak in the summer heat and sip on that cold drink ever so often. Additionally, the market leaders in pool floats today come with some awesome designs and ultra-comfort features for that extra bit of luxury.

seeking a pool float

Amazing right? So, let’s get you a floater.

1. Texas Recreation Sunray Pool Float

This float is unlike most products in the market as you will not lose considerable time inflating and deflating it. The float, instead, is made of a closed-cell foam that is both soft and buoyant. A downside to not inflating it, however, would be its marginal thickness. It’s only 1.25 inches thick and will thus not keep you above the waterline and water will definitely lap around your sides and legs. Worry not though, for it will feel great.

The float, also, has a vinyl coating applied all-through its surface for better durability and germ resistance. Furthermore, the vinyl coat makes cleaning a simple task to all users as all it takes is a simple rinse.

  • It is very flexible
  • Has a water-proof coat that easy to clean
  • Does not rip/crack easily
  • Has an odd odor when new

2. Kelsyus Chaise Lounger

Here is the ultimate pool float. The features and functionalities achievable by the Kelsyus lounger are simply breathtaking and it makes you get the feeling that they left nothing to chance.

Built to support weights of up to 250 lbs, you will be right at home sipping your drink and then securing it on the provided cup holder to avoid spillage. There is also a tether clip to conveniently tether your float to a boat, or dock.

If you live a highly active lifestyle, this gear will be perfect for you too. The float is made with a Patented Spring Technology that allows it to fold to the size of a carry bag. Yes, you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

  • It’s Fabric covered and very comfortable
  • It’s Highly Durable
  • It is easy to carry around
  • The air nozzle is a bit small and this makes it difficult to pump air

3. Aqua Monterey Hammock 2 pack

Unlike most pool floats the Aqua Monterey consists of two inflatables joined by pieces of material from both ends much like a hammock. This allows for a unique floating experience with the pool float being able to provide at-least 4 lounge positions including drifter, exercise saddle, hammock and lounge chair.

The float is, also, covered with weave fabric that conforms to different body shapes making your floating experience ultra-comfortable. The fabric is stain and fade resistant too. This allows you to easily clean and maintain the optimum conditions of the floater for the long run.

  • It can be used in 4 different positions
  • It is easy to deflate and inflate
  • It is made of comfortable material
  • Easy to pack
  • Nothing to note here yet 😉

4. Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Float by Swimline

You might have seen this giant float on print or over the internet for it is exceedingly popular. Yes, it is the original Giant Inflatable Swan that will help you float above everyone else and be the envy of every pool party.

The float is perfect for relaxation or playing around with and is a great pool accessory just floating around. Its size is big enough to accommodate two of you. Admittedly, if you’re of the Rick Ross build then you are better off using it by yourself as the 75” size will probably not be enough for you and a buddy.

  • It is easy to inflate
  • Easy to clean
  • The Float is huge and thus perfect for family fun
  • With prolonged use, the float will start to deflate after a few hours

5. Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Well, if you don’t fancy the gracefulness a swan will bring to your pool game, how about the fairy nature of a unicorn. Well, there is still a debate to be had whether unicorns are real but these particular ones are real, and their number one duty is to help you float and have fun in your pool.

This floater is for large families and it is designed to hold in excess of 400 pounds –that’s you, and your better half plus a toddler in the mix. Perfect right?

The float is, also, made of thick but soft material that enhances comforts while maintaining durability of the unicorn.

  • Has rapid valves for faster inflation and deflation
  • Can be used for river kayaking
  • Great to occupy the kids and attracting magical creatures too 😉
  • Has many counterfeits meaning you are at risk of purchasing a sub-standard float that won’t last long

6. Paws Dog Pool Float by Swimways

This one is for your furry best friend and you can rest assured that they will love it to bits. The float is designed specifically for your canine friend to cater for the way they like to play while on a pool without causing any damage by chewing or with their paws.

Yes, Swimways ensured to use fabric that is paw and “chew” resistant to ensure the longevity of this floating device to ensure you and your pup have the most fun splashing around over the summer.

  • Easy to fold and store thus perfect for vacations
  • Its chew and paw friendly
  • Small size is unable to cater for bigger dogs

7. LetsFunny Avocado Inflatable Giant Floats

This is one float that will strike envy to all your friends. The floatation device just strikes envy and grabs attention from everyone present with its bright colors and avocado like shape.

If you are a lover of avocado, then this one is perfect for you and it is made of premium vinyl that’s 25% thicker than other floats in the market. The thicker vinyl also makes this float perfect for rafting and kayaking.

The float also comes with rapid valves. These make inflation and deflation super-fast and ensure that you can use a number of devices to pump air into the float including a blow dryer. The extra thickness, as well, provides extra leak proofing ensuring that the floating device holds air for longer.

  • Easy to deflate and inflate
  • Holds air well for long periods
  • Comes with a beach-ball
  • The beach-ball might be missing when you purchase the product

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