Vitamix 5200 and Other Advanced Blender from Vitamix Reviews

Vitamix is a manufacturing company which makes blenders for mixing food substances. The company has been in the blender manufacturing scene for several years and has come up with some unique range of blenders that are used by commercial as well as personal purposes. Some top quality blenders from Vitamix are highly regarded by chefs and by several culinary schools and institutions. The company was found in the year 1921 by W G Barnard.

The first Vitamix blender was released in the year 1937, some sixteen years after the company’s induction into the culinary manufacturing industry. Since then, the company has come up with some exclusive ranges of blenders that are used worldwide for professional, personal and commercial purposes.

vitamix 5200
The feature that attracted most customers is their ability to handle both dry and wet food substances. Even after 91 years after its entry into the scene, Vitamix is still a family run company. It has its base in Cleveland and continues to produce versatile blenders like the Vitamix 5200 that can mix, chop, grind, blend and squeeze food materials.

Features of particular Vitamix blenders

What is it that makes a brand stand out from an ordinary model? Be it in any field, brands always stand for credibility, endurance, utility and quality. This is exactly what makes Vitamix one of the most sought after blender brands.

The 91 year old company itself is a testimony for this. The most important aspect which attracts people towards Vitamix is the varying fields of the purpose of these products. While there are different sets of products for different fields, Vitamix is one product which can be used for commercial, personal and professional purposes.

The company manufactures blenders that can be used by different sets of target customers. For example the company has come up with a new blender named Vitamix 5200, which is specifically designed for consumer purposes.

On the other hand, there is also the Vitamix 2100, which have entirely different purposes. These are heavy duty blenders and are made stainless steel. In addition to these blenders, the website of Vitamix contains an array of Vitamix for the institution and those for companies. The Vitamix 5200 has three variants. It has a basic variant and also a super and deluxe version.
Vitamix introduced a professional variant in the year 2006. They came up with this by joining hands with the Culinary Institute of America. The Professional Variants come in three different forms, the CIA Pro Series 200, the Pro Series 500 and the CIA Pro Series. The professional variants of Vitamix can be brought directly from their website.

You can also buy them from retail outlets and from online shopping websites like Amazon. Vitamix blenders are highly utility-oriented and each one of their products comes with a seven year warranty. However, the warranty period is different for commercial blenders. Commercial blenders are high end blenders and are used extensively. Because of their consistent usage, these blenders come with only a one year warranty.

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix blenders come with instruction handbooks and video CDs so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while using them. Among the many different blender variants which the company has come up, the Vitamix 5200 is perhaps the most popular. They are equipped with an HP motor and have a container which has a container equipped with stainless steel blades with laser cut features.

Even though these features are also available with the Professional series blenders, the Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5200c are more popular than other variants because they are highly useful for commercial purposes.

They can easily slice vegetables and crush nuts and ice. One feature that distinguishes the Vitamix 5200 blender variants is that they are able to heat juices and soups.

Vitamix blender reviews on the internet

Thousands of Vitamix blender reviews are available in the internet. Online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay have product reviews about Vitamix blenders.

They have their own product reviews as well as customer reviews which detail about the specification of these products. Most of the customer reviews brief on the positives as well as negatives of the product.

Customers seem to be impressed and delighted about the Vitamix 5200 range of blenders that use blending cycles that are preprogrammed by manufacturers. This enables users to make ice creams and other smoothies without much effort.

Read Vitamix 5200 reviews and you can see that it comes with additional containers which users can utilize for other blending purposes. The deluxe version contains a wet blade container of 32 oz.

Most people are worried about fruit peels being left behind in their blenders while mixing. However, exclusive range of blenders from Vitamix leaves behind no remains of your previous vegetables or fruits. Also, they can be cleaned pretty quickly.

Customers have praised this aspect of the blenders in their reviews on Vitamix blenders in their product blogs and websites. They also seem to be delighted by the video demo, provided along with them.

Buying the right Vitamix blender

Vitamix blenders have successfully captured the spirit of the time in their latest model blenders. They have added specifications that are incomparable. If you check out their website you can get some more additional information about their products. You can also get info on some recipes that can be made using Vitamix blenders.

Sign up with their website or join them on Facebook and you can get daily mails and updated information about their new products every day. The website also has an online demo of the product which gives a clear cut idea about the product to the browser.

Since 1921, Vitamix has been an integral part of the culinary products manufacturing industry. You can buy your favorite Vitamix blenders from the nearby retail store or can order them online. One aspect which irks customers is the price of these blenders. Most of the Vitamix blenders are highly priced, some of them like the Vitamix 5200 costing up to $650.

However, they are good value for money and delivers longstanding performance. Some customers found difficulty while cleaning the containers and a few have also had problems with the switch. However, these are minute problems which can be solved within seconds by contacting a Vitamix customer care service.

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