Waring Blender MX1000R Professional 3.0 Horsepower Reviews

If you think you’ve found the most powerful blender in the world, think again. The Waring MX1000R professional 3.0 -Horsepower blender is one of, if not the most powerful blender out in the market today, and can very well be considered as the best blender for smoothies.

The square, hefty appearance of this Waring blender is already a hint of the power it holds. Boasting of an impressive three-horse waring power motor, it is definitely heavy-duty, going more than 30,000 RPM. This is the reason for its bulky appearance: its oversized base is used to ensure maximum stability of the product.

This appliance can blend just about anything and everything you throw at it. Even hard fruits are blended very smoothly with this, and the appliance doesn’t leave large chunks of ice floating around after blending. Because it is high-powered, you don’t need a lot of time to crush the food you put in there.

You only need a few minutes to get the food blended to create a really fine consistency.

The Waring MX1000R professional 3.0 -Horsepower blender also has a pulse feature, great for foods that have large pieces, such as salsa. Furthermore, blending food at a long enough period can heat it, so you don’t have to cook it separately after blending. You can definitely use it to create homemade soups, liquid salads, sauces, smoothies, dressings, dips, and more with this.

Waring blenders are known for having tight flexible lids so that owners will not have to worry about their blended food suddenly spraying all over the place. It has two paddle-shaped switches for easy operation. The Waring blender jar is pretty easy to clean. All you will need are some hot water and a soft-bristled brush to wash it.Waring Blender

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Product Features/Specifications

  • Professional grade 3.0-horsepower blender with 30,000+ RPMs
  • The oversized, weighty base stays put during use
  • 64-ounce unbreakable polycarbonate pitcher with integrated blades
    Non-slip handle
  • 2 speeds plus pulse action
  • Includes a one-piece dishwasher safe removable jar pad
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11.3 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds

Most Waring blender reviews are highly favorable to the product. While it is a bit on the pricey side, users still opt to buy it because of the good service it gives. What most users love about it is that in spite of being very high-powered, it is actually very quiet, removing the annoyance factor of having a loud whirring machine in the background as you prepare your food.

Users also love the fact that it’s made of metal, which means it is more durable than the weaker plastic variants out there that break down after a period of time. Because it is industrial-sized, the buyers could create different servings of smoothies, juices, etc. at the same time, either to save some for later or to serve up to four people at the same time.

The main problem with the Waring blender is that it only has two speeds, high and low, giving little choice for people who want to blend their food somewhere in the middle. Some users resolved this problem by alternating between high and low speeds to get the consistency they prefer.


Smoothie lovers will come to appreciate the fineness and quickness of the food and beverages it coughs up, but non-smoothie drinkers will also appreciate the way this machine operates. You end up saving time since you can prepare your food by batch, and you get good quality food and drink to boot. The Waring blender is definitely up for serious blending.

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